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Books that have reached bestselling and award-winning status with Scribando:

How to Understand Everything by Tom Beakbane

112 Ratings | Top 10 in Science & Philosophy in May 2021

Hacking the System Design Interview by Stanley Chiang

134 Ratings | Consistent #1 Bestseller in UML Language: Sep 2022 – July 2023, #1 Book Pick on Five Books 2022

Innovation Starts With I: Increase Your Influence by Saleema Vellani

73 Ratings | N1 New Release in Innovation in November 2021

The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown

1,459 Ratings | Consistent Top 1-5 Bestseller in Sports Medicine (Audiobook)

Close Your Mouth: Buteyko Clinic Handbook by Patrick McKeown

398 Ratings | Long-Term Top 10 Bestseller in Asthma

Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever by Michael Swigunski

279 Ratings | Consistent Top 20 Bestseller in Student Travel Guides

The 1%: Conquer Your Consulting Case Interview by Florian Smeritschnig

57 Ratings | #1 New Release in Consulting in Feb 2023

The Epic Guide to Agile by Dave Todaro

119 Ratings | Consistent Top 30 Bestseller in Business IT Project Management

The Helping Babies Sleep Method by Dr. Sarah Mitchell

148 Ratings | #1 Bestseller in Parenting Infants – Throughout 2023

Remote Not Distant by Gustavo Razzetti

133 Ratings | Consistent Top 1-3 Bestseller in Office Management (Kindle)

How To Tell Stories To Children by Joseph Sarosy

392 Ratings | Consistent Top 100 Bestseller in Grandparenting

Course Creation Simplified by Jimmy Naraine

32 Ratings | #1 Bestseller in Education Reference – Throughout 2023 (Kindle)

With Scribando, you are able to achieve bestselling- and award-winning status for your books. Launch, publish & transform your books based on our proven best-practices.

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Achieving Amazon bestseller status has a profound positive effect on book sales, author credibility, and revenue from connected business ventures. We strive for #1 positions in relevant book categories.

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Becoming an award-winning author boosts perception, credibility, and revenue from book sales and related business ventures. We strive for winning gold, silver, and bronze awards at respected book awards.

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Automate your book sales by transforming your book listings and Amazon Ads based on our intelligence and with a few clicks each month. After a few months with Scribando you are usually generating book sales, leads and book reviews on autopilot.

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Sign up for Scribando and add your books to the Scribando Book Transformer. You will instantely receive tailored intel on how to improve your Amazon book listings (book description, A+ content, etc.), as well as how to improve your Amazon Ads (ACOS, CPCs, etc.) that you can act on right away. Scribando tracks your book’s performance and tells you how to improve it with concrete action steps over time.

Receive Ongoing Expert Support From The Scribando Team

Get immediate access to the Scribando member area, the Scribando Success Program and the Scribando Expert Team. We connect with you for an initial strategy call, and help you  to reach your publishing goals based on proven best practices and tailored recommendations over time. Benefit from weekly Q&A calls, friendly support as well as monthly 1-on-1 progress calls.


Achieve Bestseller Status, Win A Book Award + Long-Term Success

At first, we make sure, that you achieve concrete deliverables quickly, such as an improved Amazon book listing and a solid Amazon Ads setup that brings sales and leads on autopilot. Then we help you to achieve Amazon Bestseller Status, as well as to win a book award. Ultimately we provide you with the tools to sell your books on autopilot (ideally in profits and/or around break-even).

Discover recent success stories from our authors:

Gustavo Razzetti’s book “Remote Not Distant” has achieved consistent #1-3 bestselling status in “office management” on Amazon.

Gustavo Razzetti

Founder & CEO Fearless Culture,

Dave Todaro’s book “The Epic Guide To Agile” is a consistent Top 20 bestseller in “Software Project Development”.

Dave Todaro

Founder of Ascendle,

Linus Bille’s book “The Ideation Equation” has achieved #1 New Release book status in January 2023.

Linus Bille

Award Winning & Bestselling Author,

Mike Swigunski’s book “Global Career” is consistently found among the Top 10 Bestsellers in “Travel Tips”.

Mike Swigunski

Bestselling Author,

Patrick McKeown’s bestselling book “Close Your Mouth” is a consistent top 25 bestseller in “Asthma”.

Patrick McKeown

Breathing Guru & Bestselling Author,

Stanley Chiang has reached consistent #1 Bestseller Status with 500+ sales per month during book launch phase of “Hacking The System Design Interview” (Fall 2022).

Stanley Chiang

Software Engineer,

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