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Scribando helps you to make your book a success by keeping you up-to-date with the latest book marketing opportunities in the market.

Discover recent success stories:

Tom Beakbane’s book “How To Understand Everything” received the “Great on Kindle” badge by Amazon.
Tom Beakbane

Founder Beakbane Communications,

Dave Todaro’s book “The Epic Guide To Agile” is selling well with the help of Amazon ads.

Dave Todaro

Founder of Ascendle,

Ramzi Najjar received various book awards for his two books on self-development and spiritual growth.

Ramzi Najjar

Award Winning & Bestselling Author,

Mike Swigunski’s book “Global Career” is regularly found among the Top 10 Bestsellers in “Travel Tips”.

Mike Swigunski

Bestselling Author,

Patrick McKeown’s latest audiobook “Close Your Mouth” sold more than 2K times through Audible.

Patrick McKeown

Breathing Guru & Bestselling Author,

James Kahn’s “Matamoros” has been a finalist at “Reader’s Favorites”.

James Kahn

Hollywood Producer ,

As Scribando member you are able to sell more books by being in the know regarding the latest and best market strategies 24/7. You receive:

Scribando Book Marketing Alerts

Scribando Alerts notify you about time-sensitive book marketing opportunities. You will receive around 20 alerts every year.


Monthly Book World Summaries

Every month you receive a report of the most important news, trends, developments and opportunities happening in the book publishing world.


Ongoing Individual Consulting

As a member, you get ongoing expert consulting by Albert and his team.
You have a question about book marketing? We got you covered.

Access to the Scribando Headquarter

The Scribando Headquarter shows you all the latest success strategies, publishing events, conferences tactics and best practices at a glance.


Top Promotional Strategies & Tactics

The Scribando HQ features top strategies & tactics, an analysis of book promotion sites & services, as well as current best practices & success stories.

Access to the Events Calendar

The publishing events calendar presents important book publishing events, such as book fairs, literary competitions or product launches.

The Scribando membership keeps you up-to-date with what is going on and how to succeed in the world of books 24/7.

Latest trends

Be in the know about the latest publishing trends and developments.

Industry news

Get updated on important industry news affecting publishing careers.

Best practices

Stay up-to-date with the latest and best publishing and book promotion best practices.

Publishing events

Get access to the Scribando publishing calendar featuring important publishing events.

Literary competitions

Keep up-to-date with relevant literary competitions and opportunities to showcase your books.


Book promotion opportunities

Learn about time-sensitive book promotion opportunities both online and in the physical world.

New product developments

Get access to the Scribando publishing calendar that features important publishing events.

Discounts & Coupons

Benefit from discounts and coupons related to book publishing.

Tips & Tricks

Stay ahead of the competition by learning early about the latest tips & tricks related to book promotion.


Albert Griesmayr, MBA, is founder & CEO of Scribando | Novelify. As a book marketing consultant for more than 100 publishers and authors, he has worked on projects resulting in more than 2 million copies combined sold worldwide. He has worked with bestselling and award-winning authors, such as BC Schiller, Harvey Mackay, Patrick McKeown, and Garret Kramer, and consulted for clients from more than 15 different countries

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With Scribando you’ll never miss an important book marketing opportunity again. Scribando solves your problems and brings you the following benefits:

No more time-wasting doing the wrong things

Researching book marketing advice on the internet is not only time-consuming; a lot of the advice you find is also outdated. With Scribando you always have access to the latest knowledge stream.

Increase the passive income you earn from books

By investing in the right book marketing activities, you are able to increase the income you earn from books. You also learn how to make more with the products you already have.

Have time for what matters to you most again

Scribando reduces the time you need to spend on book marketing research, therefore freeing your time up for writing books, going to work and doing daily activities.

No more wasting money on bad performing services

Following outdated advice is costly and time-consuming. With Scribando you invest in book marketing activities that bring a return.

Grow your reader platform | Do more with less

Scribando recommends you follow only the smart strategies for growing your platform. With Scribando you are able to do MORE with LESS and you improve the overall quality of your work as an author/publisher.

Enjoy first mover advantages

“The early bird catches the worm” -> With Scribando you are always early to the party and not a day behind on the newest promising services, trends, developments and opportunities.

Discover recent success stories and member events:

Scribando is a great product executed by a very talented team.
BC. Schiller

Amazon Bestselling Authors, Austria/Germany,

Albert and Scribando helped me a lot and played a vital role in my author's career.
Yves Patak

Award Winning Author, Switzerland,

Again, a zillion thanks Albert. Your obvious expertise at $XX an hour is a steal. I’m in for as many hours as I can get.
Julia Butler,

Bestselling Author, The Last Encore

There are so many great articles here. I’m going to be at the top of my game if I read them all. This information is really valuable. 

Lois Hoffman

Founder of HappySelfPublisher,

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