Scribando is an AI & tech-powered marketing agency that achieves bestselling- and award-winning book status for their clients. Scribando works with companies, authors, as well as publishing houses and has helped to successfully market 1000+ books to date. The focus is on non-fiction (expert books). Scribando has been a participant of Go Silicon Valley in 2013 and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, Europe.


We work primarily with authors in the non-fiction space who are domain experts in their fields. By publishing and marketing “expert books” successfully, the ROI is usually excellent, when integrating “expert books” into existing businesses or business careers the right way. We are specialized in launching and marketing expert books on Amazon (all English-speaking markets + English Audiences in other markets) and focused on reaching clear deliverables, such as bestselling status, sales targets, profitability metrics, accolades, and book awards. Those clear deliverables help our clients to not only achieve success with their books but in the bigger picture of their careers as well. We apply a proven process with excellent project management. 


Scribando is focused on marketing books written in English in English-speaking markets, such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, or India. Quite frequently we also work with authors from non-English-speaking markets though, who have published a book in English and are looking for international exposure. Sometimes it makes sense, to promote an English book in non-English speaking markets as well. A successfully published international book brings a lot of credibility for business activities in foreign markets as well, and that’s why many Europe-based publishers and authors have chosen to work with us as well.


Albert Griesmayr, MBA, is founder & CEO of Scribando | Novelify. As a book marketing consultant for more than 100 publishers and authors, he has worked on projects resulting in more than 2 million copies combined sold worldwide. He has worked with bestselling and award-winning authors, such as BC Schiller, Harvey Mackay, Patrick McKeown, and Garret Kramer, and consulted for clients from more than 15 different countries. He is also the creator of the book publishing initiatives Lean Book Publishing and Who Wrote It (Now: Novelify). His insights on book marketing have been consumed by more than 10,000 authors.

Albert is also a #1 Amazon bestselling and award-winning author. He authored four books in the field of self-publishing, Book Marketing Secrets, Bestseller, Book Sales Explosion, and Self-Publishing Blueprints.



The Scribando main office is located in beautiful Vienna, Austria (#1 most liveable city in the world, 2022, Global Liveability Index), across Liechtensteinpark [18th-century palace garden grounds] and next to the U.S. Embassy in Austria and the Swedish Embassy.

If you are in Vienna, make sure to drop us a line and we’d be delighted to welcome you for a meeting at our office (Viennese coffee and French croissant included;-)).

The Team

The Scribando team is led by Albert Griesmayr. We are working out of our Vienna main office, with remote project managers located around the world (eg. UK, Greece, and the U.S.) in order to be as close as possible (similar timezones) to our international clients. 

Albert Griesmayr

Chrissy Metge

Chrissy is an experienced project manager at Scribando and also the head of her own publishing imprint Duckling Publishing.

Christian Niederreiter

Matt Haslem

Matt is our lead dev and the master behind the Scribando Book Transformer.

Bradford Goodwin

Stephen Jung

Stephen is an experienced project manager at Scribando. He takes care of selected client projects, as well as organizing our projects through ClickUp.

Bradford Goodwin

Bradford Goodwin

Brad advises Scribando in the fields of social media and lead generation growth hacking.

Albert Griesmayr

Angie Droulias

Angie is an experienced project manager. She has deep expertise in Amazon conversion optimization with a focus on copywriting.

Christian Niederreiter

Christian Niederreiter

Chris is co-founder & previous CTO at Scribando. He currently acts as an advisor.