Scribando is a book marketing agency that helps publishers and authors to achieve bestselling- and award-winning status with their books. Scribando offers both a DIY and a DFY service. Scribando has helped more than 1000 authors to date and was a participant of Go Silicon Valley in 2013.


We work primarily with authors in the non-fiction space who are domain experts in their field. By publishing and marketing an expert book successfully, the ROI is usually excellent, when integrating an expert book into an existing business or business career the right way. We are specialized in marketing expert books and to reach important credibility boosters, such as bestselling status, accolades and book awards, which helps with book sales, conversion rates and income from business careers in general.


Scribando is focused on marketing books written in English in English-speaking markets, such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, or India. Quite frequently we also work with authors from non-English-speaking markets though, who have published a book in English and want international exposure. A successfully published international book brings a lot of credibility for business activities in foreign markets as well, that’s why many Europe-based publishers and authors have chosen to work with us as well.

The Team

The Scribando team is led by Albert Griesmayr. We are primarily working remote, with office access in Europe and the USA.

Albert Griesmayr

Albert Griesmayr

Albert is founder & CEO of Scribando. He founded Scribando in 2012 with the vision of creating a product that would help authors to publish more successfully.

Bradford Goodwin

Doro Andrzejak

Doro is a project manager and client success manager at Scribando. 

Christian Niederreiter

Kristi Dement

Kristi is a project manager and client success manager at Scribando.

Albert Griesmayr

Julius Goddard

Julius is our book publishing market expert and monitors the publishing market on a daily level. He is the master behind Scribando alerts and monthlies.

Bradford Goodwin

Bradford Goodwin

Brad is an advisor at Scribando. He loves books and is a growth hacker at heart. 

Christian Niederreiter

Christian Niederreiter

Chris is co-founder & CTO at Scribando. He was already part of the Scribando team during Go Silicon Valley 2013.
He currently acts as an advisor.

Discover what authors and publishers say about Scribando:

Scribando is a great product executed by a very talented team.
BC. Schiller

Amazon Bestselling Authors, Austria/Germany,

Albert and Scribando helped me a lot and played a vital role in my author's career.
Yves Patak

Award Winning Author, Switzerland,

Again, a zillion thanks Albert. Your obvious expertise at $XX an hour is a steal. I’m in for as many hours as I can get.
Julia Butler,

Bestselling Author, The Last Encore

There are so many great articles here. I’m going to be at the top of my game if I read them all. This information is really valuable. 

Lois Hoffman

Founder of HappySelfPublisher,