Scribando Features

With Scribando, you are able to achieve bestselling- and award-winning status for your books.

Here is what you all get after joining Scribando: [DWY Standard Plan for €297/Month]

Access to the Book Transformer

Get access to the book transformer that allows you to analyze how optimized your books are on Amazon and that provides you with actionable recommendations right away.

Tailored Book Award Matches

Receive tailored book award matches for your books on an ongoing base and apply for book awards of your choice.

Access to Scribando Intelligence

Get access to the Scribando member area that hosts the Scribando Success Program. The success program shows you the exact steps needed to make your books successful.

Amazon Ads Intelligence

Connect your Amazon Ad Accounts and receive actionable advice best on best practices and industry benchmarks. Use your monthly progress calls to get help with optimizations.

Access to Scribando Expert Support

As a Scribando customer, you get access to the Scribando expert team. We support you through weekly Q&A calls, as well as personalized 1-on-1 support via email and video calls.

Amazon Book Categories Matching

Receive during your onboarding call the exact categories we recommend to rank your book in, so that you achieve bestseller status quickly.

Scribando Pricing

Achieve best-selling- and award-winning status by choosing between the “Done With You Coaching” option or the fully “Done For You” book marketing campaign. In addition, we have an invite-only “Book Sales Automation” tier for existing ageny clients.
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Scribando Benefits

With Scribando, you are able to achieve bestselling- and award-winning status for your books.

Discover the benefits of joining Scribando [DWY Standard Plan for €297/Month]

Achieve Bestseller Status

Achieving bestseller status has a profound positive effect on book sales, author credibility, and revenue from connected business ventures. We strive for #1 positions in relevant book categories.

Ongoing Book Sales

Run Amazon Ads based on our proven setup and generate ongoing visibility and book sales on Amazon. Leverage Scribando expert support to improve your ads over time.

Win A Book Award

Becoming an award-winning author boosts perception, credibility, and revenue from book sales and related business ventures. We strive for winning gold, silver, and bronze awards at respected book awards.

Ongoing Lead Generation

Use your book as a lead generation tool and use our proven models to convert readers into customers of upsell products.

Achieve Long-Term Success

Our focus is your long-term success. Hence we transform your book listings and drive targeted traffic and sales. After a few months with Scribando you are usually generating book sales on autopilot.

Increase Authority & Revenue

Being an award-winning and bestsellling author increases your authority and allows you to charge higher prices and to leverage new business opportunities. We provide guidance on how to make the most of your status.

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