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Scribando Contact | Send Albert and his team a message

You have questions about Scribando? Contact me and my team anytime. We normally respond within 24-48 hours. You can also check our FAQs below. Maybe your question has been already answered there. Best wishes, Albert from Scribando

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find common FAQs authors and publishers have about Scribando.

Who is running Scribando and where do insights come from?

Scribando is managed by the book marketing consultant Albert Griesmayr. He is the primary contact person and also responsible for most of the insights presented on Scribando. The knowledge comes from more than 10 years of consulting authors and publishers in the area of digital book marketing. Albert and his team monitor the industry 24/7 (news, trends, insights, opportunities) and share the most useful knowledge with their members.

Can I subscribe as a publishing house or agent?

Yes absolutely. The Scribando membership is 25 USD/month for authors, literary agents, consultants and small publishers. In case you are a publishing house that manages more than 100 books, send us a message. In the future, we will have a separate membership plan for publishing houses.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes absolutely. Scribando is a monthly subscription service. In case you do not want to be a member anymore, you can cancel anytime online (either possible in your member account or by sending a message to the team). You will not be billed anymore for the next billing cycle. You will still be able to use your membership until the current membercycle has ended.

What are the main member benefits?

Scribando members stay up-to-date about what is happening and how to succeed in the book world 24/7. The Scribando membership includes:
-> Receiving around 20 time-sensitive book marketing alerts per year (delivered by email)
-> Receiving a monthly book world summary, containing the most important latest insights
-> Access to the book marketing headquarter (member area) that gives an overview of success strategies, news, trends, and latest book marketing opportunities.

Is it possible to get a free trial?

At the moment we don’t routinely offer free trials. The reason is, that our member area contains valuable knowledge, that we do not want to give away for free, with respect to our paying members. However, we believe that 25 USD is a very low fee for accessing that knowledge. In case members are not satisfied, they can cancel their subscription anytime.

What are geographical focus areas?

We are primarily covering English speaking markets, with a focus on the USA ( and the UK ( Some strategies and services will only be available in certain geographical regions. As the USA is a leading market in many respects, authors and publishers from different countries, like Germany, India or Australia, will still get a lot of valuable insights.