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Frequently Asked Questions

Find common FAQs authors and publishers have about Scribando.

Who is running Scribando?

Scribando is managed by book marketing expert Albert Griesmayr. He has deep domain expertise working in book publishing for more than 10 years. 

Is Scribando an application-only service?

The Scribando membership plan (€297/month) is open to all authors. Our (€997/month) agency and (€297/month) BSA services are available for selected authors only.

Can I cancel an ongoing campaign (subscription) at any time?

The monthly Scribando membership can be canceled at any time (memberships end at the end of the monthly subscription time). Most of our agency service contracts have an initial 3-month commitment. After the initial period has ended, authors can cancel on a monthly basis. In case you subscribed as a member and do not want to be a member anymore, you can cancel anytime online (either possible in your member account or by sending a message to the team). You will not be billed anymore for the next billing cycle. You will still be able to use your membership until the current member cycle has ended.

What is the Scribando Book Transformer?

The Scribando Book Transformer is a software that analyzes your Amazon book listings and provides you with tailored advice on how to improve your listing in order to sell more books. The Scribando book transformer is based on our best practices acquired over the years working with authors from around the world. The Scribando Book Transformer calculates a “Book Success Score” and allows you to track and to improve your “book success score” over time.

What are the main benefits of joining Scribando?

Scribando offers the following main benefit to all our customers:
-> Getting successful books on the market, that achieve base credibility, ongoing sales and conversion optimized listings
-> As concrete deliverables we are targeting Amazon Bestseller Status and winning book awards

Important features include:
-> Onboarding training and access to the Scribando success program (teaching you how to get bestselling- and award-winning status)
-> Ongoing client support in the form of progress calls, support tickets and 1-on-1 calls
-> Hands-on project management for agency clients with a wide range of concrete activities, such as review generation, running Amazon Ads, book publishing, etc.
-> Receiving tailored book award matches
-> Receiving monthly book world summaries and timely industry alerts, informing about latest developments, opportunities, trends and news in the market
-> Access to the book marketing headquarter (member area) that gives an overview of success strategies, news, trends, and the latest book marketing opportunities
-> Access to the Scribando Book Transformer, that allows our customers to analyze and improve their book listings and Amazon Ad Campaigns over time

Are you working with non-fiction authors publishing in English only?

The Scribando membership is benefiical to all authors publishing books in English on Amazon (non-fiction, fiction). On our agency plans, we primarily work with non-fiction authors. We work with clients from all over the world, including Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia, South America, as well as the United States.

What are geographical focus areas?

We are primarily covering English speaking markets, with a focus on the USA (, Australia (, Canada ( and the UK ( Some strategies and services will only be available in certain geographical regions. As the USA is a leading market in many respects, authors and publishers from different countries, like Germany, India or Australia, will still get a lot of valuable insights.

What are the main benefits of achieving Amazon Bestseller Status and winning a book award?

Achieving Amazon Bestseller Status and winning a book award has a strong beneficial effect on the authoriy and credibility of a book and its author. Not only do bestselling and award-winning books perform better in the market, but they also allow their authors to increase their overall business due to increased crediblity from their books. Scribando helps authors to achieve those deliverables and shows them how to leverage the credentials most effectively.