• Bestselling- & award-winning status within 180 days
  • Average return on investment of 500%+ (after 1 year)
  • Grow your book sales and reviews on autopilot

Books that have reached bestselling and award-winning status with Scribando:

How to Understand Everything by Tom Beakbane

112 Ratings | Top 10 in Science & Philosophy in May 2021

Hacking the System Design Interview by Stanley Chiang

134 Ratings | Consistent #1 Bestseller in UML Language: Sep 2022 – July 2023, #1 Book Pick on Five Books 2022

Innovation Starts With I: Increase Your Influence by Saleema Vellani

73 Ratings | N1 New Release in Innovation in November 2021

The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown

1,459 Ratings | Consistent Top 1-5 Bestseller in Sports Medicine (Audiobook)

Close Your Mouth: Buteyko Clinic Handbook by Patrick McKeown

398 Ratings | Long-Term Top 10 Bestseller in Asthma

Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever by Michael Swigunski

279 Ratings | Consistent Top 20 Bestseller in Student Travel Guides

The 1%: Conquer Your Consulting Case Interview by Florian Smeritschnig

57 Ratings | #1 New Release in Consulting in Feb 2023

The Epic Guide to Agile by Dave Todaro

119 Ratings | Consistent Top 30 Bestseller in Business IT Project Management

The Helping Babies Sleep Method by Dr. Sarah Mitchell

148 Ratings | #1 Bestseller in Parenting Infants – Throughout 2023

Remote Not Distant by Gustavo Razzetti

133 Ratings | Consistent Top 1-3 Bestseller in Office Management (Kindle)

How To Tell Stories To Children by Joseph Sarosy

392 Ratings | Consistent Top 100 Bestseller in Grandparenting

Course Creation Simplified by Jimmy Naraine

32 Ratings | #1 Bestseller in Education Reference – Throughout 2023 (Kindle)

With Scribando, you are able to achieve bestselling- and award-winning status for your book.

Achieve Bestseller Status

Achieving bestseller status has a profound positive effect on book sales, author credibility, and revenue from connected business ventures. We strive for #1 positions in relevant book categories.

Win A Book Award

Becoming an award-winning author boosts perception, credibility, and revenue from book sales and related business ventures. We strive for winning gold, silver, and bronze awards at respected book awards.

Achieve Long-Term Success

Our focus is your long-term success. Hence we transform your book listing and drive targeted traffic and sales. After your campaign ends you are usually generating book sales on autopilot.

How it works:

Apply for a free consultation

Reach out to us and apply with your book for a free consultation. As we have limited resources and want to make sure that we are a good match, we offer our service by application only. We are specialized in non-fiction books with a clear problem-solution case, however occasionally work with selected fiction authors as well. We look forward to hearing from you.


Receive a targeted proposal

In case we are a good match, we make you an offer. Upon acceptance, your project starts. You receive a dedicated project manager, a full 360-degree analysis, an individual book marketing plan, and a 1-hour kick-off call to start with. Then we execute and achieve your project goals (with full transparency, weekly or monthly progress calls, and ongoing expert support) within 3-6 months.

Reach your goals quickly

When you book a campaign with us, we know that our main deliverable is to achieve bestselling and award-winning book status. The moment we decide to take on a project, we are confident to reach the project goals as well (usually in a 3-month project). We are working based on the proven 3-step Scribando process (our secret sauce) as well as deep domain expertise in the fields of “conversion optimization” and “Amazon Advertising”. 

Discover recent success stories from our authors:

Gustavo Razzetti’s book “Remote Not Distant” has achieved consistent #1-3 bestselling status in “office management” on Amazon.

Gustavo Razzetti

Founder & CEO Fearless Culture,

Dave Todaro’s book “The Epic Guide To Agile” is a consistent Top 20 bestseller in “Software Project Development”.

Dave Todaro

Founder of Ascendle,

Linus Bille’s book “The Ideation Equation” has achieved #1 New Release book status in January 2023.

Linus Bille

Award Winning & Bestselling Author,

Mike Swigunski’s book “Global Career” is consistently found among the Top 10 Bestsellers in “Travel Tips”.

Mike Swigunski

Bestselling Author,

Patrick McKeown’s bestselling book “Close Your Mouth” is a consistent top 25 bestseller in “Asthma”.

Patrick McKeown

Breathing Guru & Bestselling Author,

Stanley Chiang has reached consistent #1 Bestseller Status with 500+ sales per month during book launch phase of “Hacking The System Design Interview” (Fall 2022).

Stanley Chiang

Software Engineer,

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