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With a pandemic in full swing during the month of May, you may be wondering how authors and publishers managed to survive and how they are currently adapting to the “new normal”. While the publishing sector was expected to take quite a hit, the numbers tell a different story – and it’s a story of success, with not only a surprising surge in readership but also an unprecedented comeback in print books and a continuous soar of sales in the popular eBook niches.


These promising results not only prove that books aren’t dead, but they are also giving authors and publishers hope as well as fruitful ideas for their future endeavors. Maybe the new normal for publishing is simply an improved version of what never really died.

TOP NEWS: Top Publishing News for the Month of May

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TOP TRENDS: Publishing & Marketing Trends to Look Out For

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TOP OPPORTUNITIES: Current Contests, Promotions & Freebies

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UPCOMING EVENTS: Forthcoming Virtual and Live Events

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AUTHOR RESOURCES: The Latest Tools, Tutorials & Expert Tips For Authors

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SUCCESS STORIES: Success Stories for Inspiration & Motivation

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