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TOP NEWS: Top Publishing News for the Month of March

Amazon, Big Five face another antitrust suit | Learn more
Facebook to launch self publishing platform  | Learn more
Google signs new deal with Italian publishers | Learn more
Impact acquires Tackonomics to boost publishers’ commerce driven content | Learn more
Kargo unveils its new Fabrik publishing system | Learn more
Scribd launches in Australia | Learn more

TOP TRENDS: Publishing Trends to Look Out For

Six trending book cover design and principles in 2021 | Learn more
Consumer book publishing market analysis by trends, size and share (paid report) | Learn more
eBook reader market 2021 is rapidly increasing worldwide | Learn more
London’s top 10 bestseller’s in Lockdown | Learn more
NFTs, Tokenization of eBooks and other digital assets | Learn more

TOP OPPORTUNITIES: Current Contests, Promotions & Freebies

Monetize your content with upcoming Facebook Subscription Service: “Super Follows” | Learn more
How to Download Free eBooks on Kindle Paperwhite | Learn more
What are NFTs and how to profit from them as an author | Learn more
Vogue Talent Contest now open for authors and other artists: deadline April 30 2021 | Learn more
Start a Profile on Penguin Random House’s new content creator platform: Ahab (Free for content creators for a short time) | Learn more

AUTHOR RESOURCES: The Latest Tools, Tutorials & Expert Tips For Authors

Advice for writers, embrace the cycles of creativity | Learn more
Start promoting your book now! | Learn more
A look inside the mind of your book cover designer | Learn more
Should you start an author podcast? | Learn more
The ultimate guide to launching a book for indie authors | Learn more
How to write betrayal | Learn more
7 things I learned from interviewing authors | Learn more

EXTRA: Trending Posts From Book Publishing Professionals [LinkedIn Group]

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