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  • Average return on investment of 500%+ (after 1 year)
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Discover books that have reached bestselling and/or award-winning status with the help of Scribando:

How to Understand Everything by Tom Beakbane

84 Ratings | Top 10 in Science & Philosophy in May 2021

Soulwards: Insightful Poems that Manifest our Connection with our Soul by Faris Khan

27 Ratings | Bestseller in Contemporary Poetry in January 2022, International Impact Book Award Winner 2021

Innovation Starts With I: Increase Your Influence by Saleema Vellani

73 Ratings | N1 New Release in Innovation in November 2021

The Oxygen Advantage: Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques by Patrick McKeown

1,459 Ratings | Consistent Top 10 Bestseller in Sports Medicine

Close Your Mouth: Buteyko Clinic Handbook by Patrick McKeown

398 Ratings | Long-Term Top 10 Bestseller in Asthma

Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever by Michael Swigunski

227 Ratings | Consistent Top 20 Bestseller in Student Travel Guides

THE ULTIMATE HUMAN SECRETS: The Hidden Power in Our Mysterious Unconscious Knowledge by Ramzi Najjar

44 Ratings | Winner of the Firebird Book Award 2021

The Epic Guide to Agile: More Business Value on a Predictable Schedule with Scrum by Dave Todaro

81 Ratings | Consistent Top 30 Bestseller in Business IT Project Management

Töten ist ganz einfach: Thriller by B.C. Schiller

611 Ratings | Long-Term Bestseller in Thriller in Germany

Laim - Saga 1: Space Opera von Göttern und anderen Sterblichen by Aybiline I. Dahlson

86 Ratings | Consistent Top 10 Bestseller in Steampunk in Germany

How To Tell Stories To Children by Joseph Sarosy

392 Ratings | Consistent Top 100 Bestseller in Grandparenting

In Love with the Wrong Man by Elizabeth Lennox

229 Ratings | Top Performing Title in Billionaire Romance Books 2020

Discover recent success stories:

Tom Beakbane’s book “How To Understand Everything” has achieved bestselling status on Amazon.
Tom Beakbane

Founder Beakbane Communications,

Dave Todaro’s book “The Epic Guide To Agile” is a consistent Top 20 bestseller in “Software Project Development”.

Dave Todaro

Founder of Ascendle,

Ramzi Najjar received various book awards for his two books on self-development and spiritual growth.

Ramzi Najjar

Award Winning & Bestselling Author,

Mike Swigunski’s book “Global Career” is consistently found among the Top 10 Bestsellers in “Travel Tips”.

Mike Swigunski

Bestselling Author,

Patrick McKeown’s bestselling book “close Your Mouth” is a consistent top 25 bestseller in “Asthma”.

Patrick McKeown

Breathing Guru & Bestselling Author,

Faris Khan has won the “International Impact Book Award” in poetry for his book “Soulwards” in 2021.

Faris Khan


Listen to what our clients say about working with Scribando:

Amazon KDP Advertising

5.00 Dec 2020

Mike Swigunski is the bestselling author of “Global Career”. Global Career is a top 20 bestseller in Student Travel Guides.

[Book Author | United States ]

Amazon Book Launch

5.00 Jan-Dec 2020

Alan Matkovic is the author of “The Amazon Adventures Series”. The books sell regularly and have more than 100 reviews combined.

[Book Author | United States ]

Amazon Book Launch

5.00 Jan-Dec 2020

Mike Meier is author of the award-winning dystopian novel “JoinWith.Me”, which received multiple accolades.

[Book Author | United States ]

Amazon KDP Advertising

5.00 Dec 2020

Mike Swigunski is the bestselling author of “Global Career”. Global Career is a top 20 bestseller in Student Travel Guides.

[Book Author | United States ]

Book Review Generation

5.00 Feb 2020

Alan Matkovic is the author of “The Amazon Adventures Series”. The books sell regularly and have more than 100 reviews combined.

[Book Author | United States ]

Book Awards & Amazon Ads

5.00 Sep 2021-Aug 2021

Ramzi Najjar is author of two multi award-winning books in the self-help genre.

[Book Author | United States ]

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Get immediate expert training

After joining Scribando, you immediately receive expert training and guidance for achieving bestseller and award-winning status with your book. You get 24/7 access to training videos and the membership area. Sign up for DIY right now.


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Achieve Bestselling and Award Winning Status

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Learn about Scribando Intelligence and Scribando monitoring:

Scribando Intelligence monitors the market 24/7 for you and keeps you up-to-date with the latest news, trends, and book marketing opportunities.

The Scribando membership includes:

  • Access to bestseller training and Albert Griesmayr’s bestseller program
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The Scribando membership keeps you up-to-date with what is going on and how to succeed in the world of books 24/7.

Latest trends

Be in the know about the latest publishing trends and developments.

Industry news

Get updated on important industry news affecting publishing careers.

Best practices

Stay up-to-date with the latest and best publishing and book promotion best practices.

Publishing events

Get access to the Scribando publishing calendar featuring important publishing events.

Literary competitions

Keep up-to-date with relevant literary competitions and opportunities to showcase your books.


Book promotion opportunities

Learn about time-sensitive book promotion opportunities both online and in the physical world.

New product developments

Get access to the Scribando publishing calendar that features important publishing events.

Discounts & Coupons

Benefit from discounts and coupons related to book publishing.

Tips & Tricks

Stay ahead of the competition by learning early about the latest tips & tricks related to book promotion.


Albert Griesmayr, MBA, is founder & CEO of Scribando | Novelify. As a book marketing consultant for more than 100 publishers and authors, he has worked on projects resulting in more than 2 million copies combined sold worldwide.

He has worked with bestselling and award-winning authors, such as BC Schiller, Harvey Mackay, Patrick McKeown, and Garret Kramer, and consulted for clients from more than 15 different countries.

He is also the creator of the book publishing initiatives Lean Book Publishing and Who Wrote It. His insights on book marketing have been consumed by more than 100,000 authors.

Albert is also the author of three different books in the field of self-publishing and book marketing.

Discover what authors and publishers say about Scribando:

Scribando is a great product executed by a very talented team.
BC. Schiller

Amazon Bestselling Authors, Austria/Germany,

Albert and Scribando helped me a lot and played a vital role in my author’s career.
Yves Patak

Award Winning Author, Switzerland,

Again, a zillion thanks Albert. Your obvious expertise at $XX an hour is a steal. I’m in for as many hours as I can get.
Julia Butler,

Bestselling Author, The Last Encore

There are so many great articles here. I’m going to be at the top of my game if I read them all. This information is really valuable. 

Lois Hoffman

Founder of HappySelfPublisher,

Watch Albert speaking with Dale from Self-Publishing with Dale about the Scribando membership benefits

Featured on the YouTube channel Self-Publishing with Dale

Albert was a guest on Dale’s Self Publishing with Dale Show on YouTube with more than 50,000 subscribers in 2021 and shared why Scribando monitoring is so valuable.

When you join Scribando you receive monthly book world update, as well as timely book marketing alerts informing you about market opportunities.

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