The Scribando membership keeps you up-to-date about what is going on and how to succeed in the world of books 24/7. Be in the know about:

Latest trends

Be in the know about the latest publishing trends and developments.

Industry news

Get updated about important industry news affecting publishing careers.

Best Practices

Stay up-to-date about the latest publishing and book promotion best practices.

Publishing events

Get access to the Scribando publishing calendar featuring important publishing events.

Literary competitions

Know about relevant literary competitions and opportunities to showcase your books.


Book promotion opportunities

Learn about time sensitive book promotion opportunities online and in the physical world.

New product developments

Get access to the Scribando publishing calendar featuring important publishing events.

Discounts & Coupons

Benefit from discount and coupons related to book publishing.

Tips & Tricks

Stay ahead of the competition by learning early about the latest tips & tricks related to book promotion.

Book publishing platforms we are monitoring 24/7:

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Scribando members are able to sell more books by having access to:

The Scribando HQ

The Scribano HQ shows the latest insights on successful book publishing 24/7.

The Scribando Knowledgebase

The Scribando knowledgebase gives answers about all major book promotion questions.

The Scribando Calendar

The Scribando publishing events calendar shows important book publishing events.

Scribando Alert Service

Receive between 12-24 Scribando alerts per year signaling time-sensitive book marketing opportunities.

Scribando R&D Lab

The Scribando Research & Development Lab keeps you up-to-date about the latest trends & future developments in the industry.


Scribando Consulting House

As a member, you have access to the Scribando team, and can reach out to us, with book marketing related questions.
One consulting ticket is included in the membership each month.

With Scribando you never miss an important industry development again. As a member you receive:

Scribando Book Marketing Alerts

Scribando Alerts notify you about time-sensitive book marketing opportunities. You will receive around 20 alerts every year.

Access to the Scribando Headquarter

The Scribando Headquarter shows you the latest success strategies, tactics and best practices at a glance.

Latest book promotion strategies

The Scribando HQ features latest book marketing strategies, current best practices & success stories.

Monthly book world updates

Every month you receive a report of the most important news, trends, developments and opportunities happening in the industry.

The Scribando Knowledgebase

The Scribando knowledgebase gives you expert-answers on the most frequently asked book marketing related questions.

Access to the events calendar

The publishing events calendar presents important book publishing events, such as book fairs, literary competitions or product launches.

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