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What’s the difference between Editorial Reviews and Customer Reviews?

The main difference between editorial reviews and verified customer reviews on Amazon lies in their sources and credibility:

  1. Editorial Reviews: These are reviews provided by professional critics, publications, or industry experts. They are often written by individuals or organizations with expertise in the subject matter or the literary field. Editorial reviews are typically featured prominently on the product page and can provide insightful analysis and opinions about the book’s quality, content, and significance.
  2. Verified Customer Reviews: These are reviews submitted by customers who have purchased and used the product, in this case, the book, through Amazon. Verified reviews are marked as such to indicate that the reviewer has indeed bought the product through Amazon’s platform. They offer perspectives from real readers and can provide valuable feedback on the book’s readability, enjoyment, and relevance.

In summary, editorial reviews come from professional critics or experts in the field, while verified customer reviews are written by individuals who have purchased and used the book. Both types of reviews can influence purchasing decisions, but they provide different perspectives and levels of credibility.

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